Food for Thought Challenge – Thank You!

Port Hardy Secondary School would like to thank communities, local businesses and organizations, parents, students, and staff who contributed to the Food for Thought Program at PHSS. Students brought in over $508 worth of food items and over $1691.55 was fundraised and donated by communities.

A special thank you to: C & G Falling, Michael and Lorraine Hurley,  Lions Club, Port Hardy Rotary, Shawn and Nadine Gough, Overwaitea Foods, CIBC, Scotia Bank, Peoples Drug Mart, Monks Office Supply, and the Credit Union.

We appreciate all contributions that go towards our current food programs at the school so that this can provide nourishment, safety, socialization and connection to school.

We Want to Hear From You!

Over the years, the town of Port Hardy has changed and we want to know if PHSS is meeting the present day needs of students, families, and community.

We have put together some questions, to be answered electronically, that will help us provide the education needed by North Island students today.

Please send your email address to and you will be sent a link to the questions.  We are using the “Thought Exchange” process which asks you to answer a few questions and then a short time later you will be asked by email to prioritize thoughts.  We won’t be able to access your identity.

We are hoping to hear from parents, community members, local business people, and anyone else with an interest in the PHSS youth and the local community.  The information gathered will help us to formulate a relevant focus for PHSS.

Thank you for your participation.

Food For Thought Challenge

Many of you are aware that our Food Programs at the school are heavily reliant upon community, business, and grant support. Each year the Bands donate funds to contribute to our school food programs. In order for students to focus on learning we are expanding our program to provide nourishment, safety, socialization, and connection to school. Although parents provide food at home, we hope to increase student learning by providing access to nourishment as each student requires it. We are proud that our school, Port Hardy Secondary, has many food programs for all students. Some of them include Wednesday bagel morning, Friday pizza bagel during break, breakfast programs all days of the week, Tuesday soup days, and lunches during the week.

Our funding pool is becoming diminished and we would like to start an additional “Food for Thought” donation program where parents and guardians are welcome to make a cash or food donation. This can be in any amount. Food items can include: bread, jam, crackers, fruit, meat or vegetables. This would enable us to provide continued nourishment to students during school hours so that they have opportunity to learn. Some students rely on these programs while others supplement and enjoy snacks and soup occasionally.

We know that with your support we can fund grocery store purchases and have an ongoing supply of food. We hope that you will consider making this success possible with a generous and much appreciated donation.

So here is how it works – Can we create our own food day? This is Canada’s food day (October 16) and we would like to create our own day at Port Hardy Secondary School. Students, staff, and parents can contribute by making a cash donation at Overwaitea Foods during the week of November 17-21 and students could bring in any of the food items that week. Let’s make our “Food for Thought” program a success so that students can continue to have healthy foods during their time at school. PHSS will have a food competition between grades. Each student can bring in food items and we will have a food wall with thermometers set up in the foyer. Each item is worth points based on the value of the food item. The grade that ends up with the most points on the thermometer wins A PIZZA and MOVIE party.

Below is some information on the history of World Food Day.

World Food Day is celebrated every October 16th and is facilitated through The Food and Agriculture Organization. Started in 1945, “The FAO spearheads international efforts to defeat hunger and build a food-secure world for present and future generations. As the lead agency for agriculture, forestry, fisheries and rural development, it seeks to alleviate poverty, hunger and malnutrition by promoting sustainable agricultural development, improved nutrition and the targeting of food security. Serving both developed and developing countries, it acts as a neutral forum where all nations meet as equals to negotiate agreements and debate policy.”

Your compensation enriches their lives in more ways than you’ll ever know.

Thank you in advance for your contribution,

Angela Clair, Brigette Avoine, and Stephanie NelsonFood For Thought