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Sports Day

Students participated in sports day on Friday.  It was tons of fun.  We had several events that students rotated through including: volleyball, kickball, lahal, relay, and a fun pong-cup game that got surprisingly competitive!

IMG_20190621_123253 IMG_20190621_130027 IMG_6537 IMG_6558

French 9-12

Students of the grade 9-12 French class have been working on learning an additional language once per week. They worked hard to research a region where their chosen language is spoken and to explore some aspects of the culture. We had a fun afternoon learning sharing this learning and sampling some food inspired from the various regions across the globe.

Language_Culture 1 Language_culture 2 Language_Culture 4

Foods 10-12

Ms. Gordon’s Foods 10-12 class learned about the cultures of India, China, Italy, Mexico, and Japan. They then explored the flavours of those countries with dishes prepared by the groups. They had Butter Chicken and Naan bread, Chicken Fried Rice, Pizza, Chicken Enchiladas in a White Sauce, and Sushi with Edamame. Everything was delicious and there were very few leftovers.