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PAC Meeting

A reminder to parents and guardians that there will be a Parent Advisory Committee meeting on Thursday, September 20th, at 6:30 pm in the PHSS library.  No commitment necessary.  Everyone welcome.

UPDATE:  This meeting has been moved to Tuesday, September 25th

Message to Students

The following message was read to students in their C block class first thing this morning:

“Yesterday, RCMP were called to our school to assist with a situation. Students had been heard talking about a school shooting. We take this very seriously, and we have procedures in place to deal with situations such as this. The police are investigating the threat, and we feel that our school is a safe place to be today. If you have any concerns or are worried, there will be counsellors and support people in Ang’s room for you to talk to. Please let your teacher know if you are going to Ang’s room.

The safety of our students and staff is always our biggest concern. If you ever hear or see something at school that makes you feel unsafe, please report it to any staff member. You may notice RCMP in our building today as they are our partners in ensuring school safety.  Please feel free to chat with them about any of your concerns.”

Public Information Release

This afternoon, a teacher at PHSS heard two students discussing a school shooting to take place at PHSS tomorrow (Wednesday). The school is taking the threat seriously and all critical incident protocols are being followed. The school contacted the RCMP and there is an ongoing investigation. PHSS will be open tomorrow with an increased police presence. The students involved will not be in attendance at school tomorrow. Based on the information we have, there does not appear to be an immediate risk to the safety of students and staff at the school.