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Bird Houses

A retiring Ms. Campbell, brought her EVES Grade 3 class to build bird houses in the wood shop. Every student drew an idea and did their best to design something using some local Spiketop Cedar. It was an ultra-busy experience with the PHSS volunteer shop teachers doing their best to support young minds and hands at work.

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Forestry Simulators

Yesterday we were visited by the Vancouver Island University’s training trailer. The trailer had simulators for a Processor, Log Loader, Feller Buncher, and Excavator.  As stated on the VIU website “Students stepping into the simulator seats will find the controls exactly as they are on the real machines. The large screens project 360-degree views of customizable, virtual landscapes, and the seats are on sophisticated motion platforms that move the operators around as they drive over rough terrain or pick up heavy objects. For example, on the excavator simulator, if a student drops the bucket too hard on the ground, the machine lifts just the way it would in a real machine.” These simulators help students understand the skills required to run forestry equipment.

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Grant Bay

A couple of our classes went to Grant Bay to make surf huts. They learned different building techniques and got to enjoy the beach!

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