Foods Class with Mrs. Dyck

In senior foods, students made “Design your own Minestrone Soup”  from a list of ingredients. They chose ingredients from several different food groups and experimented with the term “add to taste.”  In the end, each soup was deliciously unique! Students served the soup with a side of baking powder biscuits.

Minestroni Soup

In junior foods, these cinnamon swirls were made as the result of a pop quiz where students were asked to “show what they know.”  Through this process, they were assessed on food and kitchen safety, time management, teamwork, reading recipes for information, and clean-up.  Well done Grade 8’s! don’t you wish every assessment would result in cinnamon buns!  The other pictures in the collage show some of the other hands on learning so far this semester.  It’s so nice to see these smiles and students who are proudly sharing their work.

Cinnamon Swirls