Grad 2018

The 2018 Convocation Ceremony will be held on June 9, 2018

Please make sure your address is current on our file as the Ministry of Education uses this address to mail your diploma and transcript.

Grad Fundraising
Fundraising is not yet in progress.  Contact Mr. MacLean if you are able to help.

Grad Photos
Grad Photos are on February 19th and 20th
Grad Photo re-takes are on March 28th

Retakes mean anyone who did not have their photo taken the original day or who is unsatisfied with their photo proofs.
Students requesting retakes for reasons beyond the photographers control such as hair style or clothing are subject to a $25.00 sitting fee payable to the photographer.  As well, please bring you proofs to review with the photographer.
If you are getting a retake because of photographer error you may do so at no charge but are required to return your original proofs to the photographer at the time of their sitting.
Students being photographed for the first times please remember to bring your $25.00 sitting fee.
Anyone wishing to be photographed for the yearbook and wall composite only may do so at no charge.


PHSS Scholarships 2018

Coastal Community Credit Union
BC School Sport

Ministry of Education Graduation Planning
Grad Planner
BC Dogwood Planner

Grad Meeting Minutes:
November 28, 2017

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