Mobile Medical Unit

Members of the PHSS health council had a tour of the Mobile Medical Unit in the parking lot of PH hospital. This unit is shared by the Health Authorities and has been to over 55 locations- including the 2010 Olympics. We met the doctor and paramedic that travel with the mobile unit and they gave the students demonstrations on how the machines are used. This unit is used for training and an alternative setting for health authorities.IMG_7405 IMG_7406

Message to Students

The following message was read to students in their C block class first thing this morning:

“Yesterday, RCMP were called to our school to assist with a situation. Students had been heard talking about a school shooting. We take this very seriously, and we have procedures in place to deal with situations such as this. The police are investigating the threat, and we feel that our school is a safe place to be today. If you have any concerns or are worried, there will be counsellors and support people in Ang’s room for you to talk to. Please let your teacher know if you are going to Ang’s room.

The safety of our students and staff is always our biggest concern. If you ever hear or see something at school that makes you feel unsafe, please report it to any staff member. You may notice RCMP in our building today as they are our partners in ensuring school safety.  Please feel free to chat with them about any of your concerns.”

Public Information Release

This afternoon, a teacher at PHSS heard two students discussing a school shooting to take place at PHSS tomorrow (Wednesday). The school is taking the threat seriously and all critical incident protocols are being followed. The school contacted the RCMP and there is an ongoing investigation. PHSS will be open tomorrow with an increased police presence. The students involved will not be in attendance at school tomorrow. Based on the information we have, there does not appear to be an immediate risk to the safety of students and staff at the school.


Some of our grade 10 students visited the hospital to learn what P.A.R.T.Y stands for: Prevent Alcohol and Risk-Related Trauma in Youth.
Students learned that drinking and driving can be prevented. They toured the hospital trauma room and got to listen to nurses ‘work’ on a mock patient- Mac Bratosh. The nurses went through their A, B, C’s and how intrusive they need to be when people come into the ER and they are uncertain as to what they have ingested. They also met with the PH Ambulance paramedics who talked about the realities of car crashes.
Activities were organized to see how difficult it would be to button up your own shirt if you did not have hands and a video tape of a girl who was learning how to speak again after sustaining a head injury from an alcohol involving crash. Students could not understand the word list that she read out.
Constable MacDonald stressed that she would want students to call her to prevent drinking and driving crashes. The term accidents is not being used as drunk driving can be preventable.
Nurses, hospital staff and RCMP told the students that they are non-judgemental and want the students to be safe; that they wanted the students to know that any questions or concerns they had would be welcomed.
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Sr. Girls Soccer Provincials

Our Senior Girl’s Soccer Team is heading to Penticton today to compete in soccer provincials. We are so proud of our girls representing the North Island and wish them the best of luck!